From the April 2017 magazine.

Cake or no cake

After moving to different towns, a member gets a big lesson in how other meetings like to clap, share, pass the basket and celebrate

I got sober in a large metropolitan area where there were well over 200 meetings per day listed in our Where and When. Meetings varied in attendance and content: some were open, some closed; some were Step meetings, some Big Book meetings. There were discussion meetings and speaker meetings. Groups might only meet once a week or have multiple meetings every week, even several a day. Variety was there in all its glory and I thought nothing of it.

At around five years of sobriety, I moved to a small rural town where there was only one meeting a day in my county and only seven groups in our entire three-county district. The meetings and the people seemed so different that I found myself reporting to my former big-city sponsor: “They don’t do it right here!”

-- Rosemary P.

Waynesboro, Virginia, USA

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