From the April 2017 magazine.

Good news for Miss Dog

No job, no house, no money—he knew it was time to end it all. But what about his poodle?

Last year at this time, I was circling the drain. I had lost so much that I could not comprehend what it would take to rebuild my life. So much of what was important to me was gone. I had lost the job I loved, three classic automobiles, my dream home in the suburbs and all my savings. Then came the sudden death of my father and the accompanying radio silence of my mother, siblings, nieces and nephew. But I still had my poodle, Miss Dog. It was just her and me against the world.

I was done. I just could not lift myself up and dust myself off one more time. While the house and garage may have been gone, I had one last card up my sleeve—two bottles of pills and a bottle of scotch. My friend Ivan told me, “Just go to an AA meeting, it may change your life.”

-- Jeffrey A.

Safety Harbor,, Florida, USA

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