From the April 2011 magazine.

Story Archive: It Matters

Working with professionals

A few years ago, while sitting in the monthly meeting of my local AA Intergroup, representing my home group, I heard the chairperson ask if anyone would be interested in filling the Cooperation with the Professional Community (CPC) position. She asked if someone would volunteer.

Naturally, I kept my head down. I did not want to make eye contact or be mistaken for showing an interest. However, the strangest thing happened at the end of the meeting. Without any forethought, I found myself asking what the responsibilities were for the CPC position and I left with a new commitment. I can only compare this unforeseen action to another event that shaped the rest of my life: the time when I went to my first home group, walked up to a member, and asked if he would help me and be my sponsor. There was absolutely no prior thought of speaking to this wonderful man, who remains my sponsor these many years later.

-- Al Z.

Long Beach, New York

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