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Leap of Faith

An old-timer learns to trust his higher power

I'm going to be honest: had someone told me back in 1988 that I would find myself 23 years sober, unemployed, homeless, with no car and broke, I would have grinned sarcastically I would have shook my heard and, as I reached for a drink, said, "No, thanks! I have that life and I have alcohol to dull the pain of miserable failure. At least active alcoholism provides an excuse for such dismal failure.

For the first 23 years of my sobriety, I repeatedly took the easier, softer way, doing the same things and desperately hoping for different results. I went from nowhere jobs to changing careers that made me miserable, always planning to look for something more rewarding on my days off. I had always planned on returning to school. These plans always lost out to fatigue, laziness, socializing, defeatism and general procrastination.

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