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The Fight Was Over

It took many detoxes and treatments before he came to understand Step One

It was an ordinary day in a small New England town—much like the day before. I contemplated the dreariness of my life. Life was a struggle. Always, ever since I can remember I was never content. Happiness was but fleeting moments that I could never hang onto. It was as if any joy or peace was only a dream. I was in a constant state of confusion, unrest, discomfort and despair. Anxiety and depression were my default conditions.

As alcohol snuck into my life, my worries disappeared and some sort of shift occurred that put color, excitement, a sense of purpose and adventure into my life. I no longer worried about the future nor cared much about the past. Under the influence of alcohol, I lived in a place where not much of anything mattered. I had found my cure.

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