From the August 2013 magazine.

August 2013: Greetings From Maine

Two sober friends head to Maine for biking, whale-watching and whoopie pie!

Hiking and biking? That was not our idea of a vacation when we were active. Back then, vacations were an excuse to get even more wasted than usual and engage in self-destructive behaviors. But living sober means finding new ways to be present, alive, and in conscious contact with a Higher Power. So my friend and I decided to go on a vacation to Maine and visit Acadia National Park.

We know each other from a Monday night womens’ meeting. Earlier in the year we took our first trip together to an AA Young Peoples’ Conference in the Adirondacks. We got along really well and liked hiking because it felt so healthy—physically and spiritually. So we figured that going somewhere neither one of us had ever been, filled with woodland trails and coastal treks, would be a good idea. Our plan was to spend a week enjoying nature, friendship, new meetings, and let’s be honest, the occasional lobster and whoopie pie.

-- Diane S. and Carolyn H.

Warren, New Jersey

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