From the August 2013 magazine.

August 2013: Morning Shower

A drunken fall washed away her denial

They called me a “late bloomer” because I didn’t start drinking alcoholically until I was in my 40s. I worked full-time, attended college part-time, and raised three sons, rarely missing evening sports practice or games on weekends.
I never drank at home. My husband was an alcoholic. I couldn’t stand the sound of him opening his beer cans. He didn’t participate in evening events or go on vacation with us to the beach. I was unhappy and wanted to leave but didn’t have
the strength.

After a while I found my way to counseling, where I learned I was co-dependent. I was taught how to act as if my husband didn’t bother me. Then he left me. It had not been a good marriage, yet I still mourned the loss. Even though I did my best to support our sons, it was painful for them. After a year I started dating another alcoholic. We dated for four years until I met Harry. You guessed it: another alcoholic.

-- Bonita S.

Dagsboro, Delaware

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