From the April 2011 magazine.

No Crying Service

"When Bill W. got the 'jitters' out in Akron (back in 1935), he couldn't call another A.A. to furnish cry-on-my-shoulder service. There weren't any other AAs. So he called--and called--until he found a drunk who needed help.

"He finally found 'Doc,' and in helping 'Doc' he forgot his own troubles and stayed sober. If that prescription worked for the founder of our fellowship, and it did, then it will work for us today. So, instead of always looking up an AA who is staying sober to give us a lift in spirit, it might help all of us to use Bill's 'prescription' once in a while and find a drunk who needs help. Let us not lose sight of one of the cardinal principles of AA: 'To help ourselves, we help others.'"

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