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Bringing out the Real Me

After years of sober dating, he learned how to have a relationship with himself and his Higher Power

Before I ever got sober, I had a problem with relationships with the opposite sex. I was scared of girls as far back as I can remember. I'd develop schoolboy crushes without ever speaking a word to the person I had a crush on. I felt uncomfortable in my own skin, unworthy, and inferior to other guys. Alcohol really helped with this.

I could talk to just about any woman while drinking. I would say and do things with them I never did with a sober state of mind. As a teen, the mixture of progressive drinking and maturing physically became a dangerous combination. I was able to use drinking to socialize with cute girls and they started to actually like me because I was "growing up." But inside I still felt inferior and shy. So I would drink more and this would bring out the "real me."

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