September 2013: Letter from the Editor

“We are people who normally would not mix,” says the Big Book in “There Is a Solution.” But somehow, we do—in thousands of meetings all over the world, every day. This month’s special section features stories on keeping the rooms of AA safe, to ensure “a fellowship, a friendliness, and an understanding which is indescribably wonderful.”

A woman in a new city goes to a meeting expecting to be nurtured, but instead ends up feeling worse, in “Welcome.” In the story “Belittled,” a chairperson with strong opinions about religion makes a member feel like she doesn’t belong. A group helps a newcomer deal with inappropriate behavior in “Unacceptable.” In “The Scam Artist,” a guy senses something’s wrong when he wants to work on his Fourth Step but his sponsor keeps bringing up money. And another member says he feels uneasy when people tell him he’s not doing AA the right way in “There Are No Musts.” The stories offer hope and solutions and an opportunity for discussion in your groups. Also check out the articles “Back to School,” “ Aunt Vida” and “Sober wheels.”

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