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Out of Captivity

He drank alone and then he got sober alone. But that was nearly just as painful

The first drink I ever took on my own was when I was 20 years old. Sure, I had sips of liquor as early as age 7, but it wasn't until I turned that my drinking career truly began. I was still at college for the summer. A hot summer sun was blazing. The dormitory AC cooled the stuffy room. I didn't have a roommate, but I had several friends who came in and out of my room. One in particular I had a crush on and I would've done anything he said. He snuck a bottle of booze into the dorms. The school was a conservative religious college, which meant the campus was dry.

He took several swigs from the bottle as I was getting ready for class. Then he nudged me to take a drink and I (without thinking) took several sips. The next thing I knew, I was at the window. I slid the window open and jumped. It was only two stories. I landed unharmed on the ground. But, after that, my friend wanted nothing to do with me and the school considered me a liability. I was only there for one more semester until my father caught wind and I needed to leave. We were silent during the car ride from Pittsburg to Philadelphia. Not even the radio was on. My father was always cold to me, but this time he was even colder. When we finally arrived in Philadelphia, I put my school things in storage and went to live with my mother.

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