From the October 2013 magazine.

October 2013: Feelings Aren’t Facts??

After more than two years of sobriety and seven months of “going back out,” I found myself in an outpatient program for a second time. Long story short, I stopped doing the deal. I was not honest. Now here I was, a newcomer—again.

I was a ball of chaos, feeling like a complete failure. I was so desperate this go-around that I got a sponsor (check), called her every day (check), and went to 90 meetings in 90 days (check). When I would call my sponsor to tell her how crappy I was feeling, she would flat out tell me, “Feelings are not facts. It doesn’t matter how you feel; it matters what you do.” I thought, What? Come again? Yes, my feelings are facts! Yes, it does matter how I feel. Moreover, no one understands me, or my situation. However, I simply replied, “OK.” I knew I had to trust her.

-- Marjorie C.

Columbia, South Carolina

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