From the October 2013 magazine.

October 2013: Dear Grapevine

I announced I was treating the guys to this eclipse for coming to help me celebrate.

Lunar landing
I attend the best darn home group in the country. This is a save-your-butt mens’ Big Book study. It’s not for saving face. It’s where a man with 20 or so years can go after he gets into an argument with his wife; he storms out to the garage, slams a few things around before realizing it was not the right thing to do. He then calls his sponsor and goes back and makes amends to his wife, asking what he can do to make up for it. Then he comes here and tells our group.

This is where men can feel their emotions. They can talk about the death of a son with tears in their eyes, or the powerlessness they feel as their wife fights cancer. Some have even shaved their own heads for support to show others that they’re not going through it alone.

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