From the October 2013 magazine.

October 2013: Letter from the Editor

When we first come into AA, we hear things like, “We thought we could find an easier, softer way. But we could not,” or “let go absolutely,” or “… God. May you find Him now!” However, we’re also told, “Don’t be discouraged.” In this month’s special section, we feature stories for day counters to hopefully help them grab onto this life-saving program.

In the story “My Parachute,” a woman lovingly remembers how much the AA book Living Sober helped her in her first year. In “Go Shake His Hand,” a newcomer learns from his sponsor how important service is right from the start. Warming up to the idea of a Higher Power is discussed in “Reconnected.” Alcohol in food is the subject of “Obstacle Course.” A woman explains how she used “How It Works” to get through tough drinking situations when she was brand new in “A Song in My Heart.” And a fellow who said yes to a Caribbean cruise while counting days, tells how he survived—and learned a beautiful lesson—in “Cruising for a Boozing.”

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