From the October 2013 magazine.

October 2013: For the Troops

His search to keep his sobriety fresh has made a soldier's day

I joined a home group shortly after moving to the Hudson Valley eight years ago. I didn’t want to repeat the mistake I’d made earlier in my recovery when I moved away from the town where I first got sober and didn’t get reconnected in AA. I didn’t pick up, but that began a long period of getting to very few meetings. Later, when I got involved in helping a family member get into the program and started making four or five meetings a week again, I noticed a real difference.

So when I moved this time I made sure to find a home group and get involved. I soon found myself chairing meetings, serving as secretary at business meetings (try to give that commitment up!), and eventually serving as GSR. I was doing committee work in county general services when our DCMC asked if there was anyone who had a background that might be useful to the web committee. I work in information service in the corporate world, setting up and maintaining databases and web pages—and I soon found myself on the SENY website committee.

-- Jim B.

Marlboro, New York

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