From the October 2013 magazine.

October 2013: Obstacle Course

Watch out for alcohol! Food can be tricky for the newly sober member

I’ve been sober two years now and I’ve found that living without alcohol really is not that bad. I follow what the Big Book says and have learned to become comfortable going out to a local tavern to sing karaoke or meet friends, knowing that I will leave if the atmosphere is not healthy. If I do not have a purpose to be there, I don’t go. I watch carefully, or verbally confirm that the bartender has not put any booze in my drink, and I make it clear they are never to serve me alcohol. But the places where I’ve come the closest to slipping or have been blindsided totally have to do with food!

Surprise attacks
Sometimes I’ll see an ad for a restaurant that says … “we are working with a really awesome local brewery to create a beergantastic night of dining and drinking.” These are the occasions when I feel like I’m “missing out” on something in my sobriety. But in reality, those are the moments to call upon my Higher Power or my sponsor, or attend a meeting, until I have again gained perspective and a healthy outlook on my sobriety.

-- Jill Maria M.

West Bend, Wisconsin

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