From the October 2013 magazine.

October 2013: Water Water Everywhere

We now have the tools to deal with disaster—especially of our own making

I was one of those AA members who lived in the path of Hurricane Sandy. So in anticipation of the possibility of losing power, before the storm hit I decided to do my laundry. I had just finished transferring a load from the washer into the dryer when a good friend from out of state phoned. She said, “Lindalou, fill your bathtub with water so you can use it to flush the toilet in case your water shuts off.” I took her suggestion not knowing if it would be necessary, but thinking it was best not to tempt fate. I had candles, flashlights and wood for the fireplace and thought I was in good stead for any impending difficulties.

After a little while I heard a loud noise, and when I looked outside I saw pieces of siding from the skirt of my modular home in the middle of the street. I ran out to collect the debris and was trying to reattach it. My neighbor joined me in the effort but the wind was having its way with us so we decided it would be wise to wait until Mother Nature was done with her outburst. We collected the house materials and stashed them in my shed.

-- Lindalou L.

Calverton, New York

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