From the May 2011 magazine.

May 2011: The Misfit

When booze stopped working, she felt more alienated than ever

Never in my life have I ever really felt like the right fit.

Two weeks before Christmas, I was called into my bosses’ office and given the standard, “You’re not a great fit and we have to let you go.” Wonderful! Could this year have gotten any better?

I just could not believe this was happening. I had been with the company for four months and “not a good fit” was simply a shabby reason to be let go, especially two weeks before Christmas.This whole horrible episode happened, I believe, because I was not liked by one of the bosses and for speaking up about our hours being cut. They had sliced about $600 per month from our paychecks and I was the only one who spoke up about it. Did they just expect us to be silent and acquiesce? Of course they did. There were other reasons, I’m sure, that this happened, but nothing I could come up with seemed to assuage my broken, hurt feelings, my panic and fear or that general sickly sensation about how I could possibly celebrate the upcoming Christmas season knowing I had no job to go back to.

-- Kelly M.

Edmonton, Alberta

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