From the May 2011 magazine.

May 2011: Serenity Chair

...and the wisdom to sit on the beach.

My place of employment for the last 25 years offers me the best opportunity to apply the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous. I have spent more time here than anywhere else, over half my life, mostly practicing my character defects. Like anything else practiced repeatedly (it makes perfect, after all), I have gotten very good at being selfish, self-centered, full of self-pity and dishonest. It has been difficult to change in this part of my life. What I do today is try and apply the principles, the key word being try.

I have experienced growing pains in sobriety, but, gratefully, God has given me the willingness to persevere. I have gone through the Twelve Steps with a focus on my work relationships, which revealed the deep-seeded feelings I bring to the table, the main one being fear. These feelings get triggered constantly throughout the day. The opposite of fear is faith, and since both cannot live in me at the same time, I practice faith and try to stay in the moment, because that is where I find my High Power.

-- Elaine L.

South Amboy, New Jersey

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