From the May 2011 magazine.

May 2011: Close call in wine country

HP to the rescue: Music and dancing can sometimes make wine look good.

I recently took a trip to Sonoma, Calif., a town famous for its wine-making, to visit my stepson and his wife. They have their own label and he works in a winery that, as it happened, was having a party. It tells us in the Big Book that we can go anywhere liquor is served if we have a good reason for being there and if we are spiritually fit.  I was 25 years sober and felt that both applied to me, so I went to the party. 

My stepson kept a full bottle of water in front of me so I wouldn’t get too “thirsty.”  The room was alive with gay chatter, music and dancing...

-- Mary B.

Menominee, Michigan

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