From the May 2011 magazine.

May 2011: In the Half-Measures Room

Saying yes to service revives a dead meeting

asked the people seated in the “half–measures room,” our name for the lounge area, if anyone wanted to chair a meeting.

The morning meeting had just ended.  Some attendees had already left and a few remained to play cards or read a newspaper when a lady I had never seen before entered the front door and walked up to me. She asked about the noon meeting, the one still listed on the old white-board with painted times ... the one that had not occurred once during the entire four months of my sobriety.

I explained that the meeting seemed to have died due to lack of attendance, but she was persistent. It dawned on me then, in that moment, that this was AA asking me to do something.  My sponsor...

-- Jim O.

Waller, Texas

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