From the July 1944 magazine.

Research Council

The Research Council on Problems of Alcohol held an Evening Institute on "The Treatment and Prevention of Alcoholism" on June 20th. Many A.A.s were present, some attending Bill's talk "The A.A. Approach to the Problem of Alcoholism" at 5 P.M., and a good number listening to Dr. Harry Tiebout's "Psychotherapy of the Non-Psychotic Alcoholic" at 6 P.M. Dr. Tiebout, as most Metropolitan A.A.s know, uses much that he says he learned from A.A. in his treatment, and he spoke along lines familiar to us.

Reporters covering the 11 other lectures tell us that A.A. was favorably mentioned in all cases, notably by Dr. Jellinek, speaking on "The Yale Clinic Plan." He said that about one-third of the Clinic's active patients had been referred to A.A. and were now affiliated with us. Speaking of referrals to A.A., we have it on the authority of Mr. Carleton Healy, Vice-President of Hiram Walker, Inc., in "A Program of Legal and Industrial Controls for the Prevention of Alcoholism," that 'more tavern keepers should refer alcoholics to A.A.!' No doubt they'd like to get rid of them, too. Dr. Hinenburg's paper, "A Practical Hospital Program for the Local Community," told of the difficulty in getting general hospitals to accept alcoholics, although his study showed that it would be a perfectly practical and financially feasible scheme to allot at least 2% of their space for this, and even that amount would do much good. "Inertia and resistance prevents anything being done, although the problem cries out for solution and we can no longer ignore it with safety."

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