From the February 1945 magazine.

Required Reading for A. A.s

Institutional Facilities for the Treatment of Alcoholism by E. H. L. Corwin and Elizabeth V. Cunningham (Research Report No. 7, The Research Council on Problems of Alcohol, New York: 1944).[1] is a comprehensive study of the role that institutional facilities play in the treatment of alcoholics. It was undertaken to find out what kind of facilities exist to deal with an estimated 600,000 alcoholics.

Here is documented for the first time, not by a complete census but by a sampling process, the extent to which various types of hospitals accept alcoholics for treatment, the number of patients treated, and the economic status of those served. The study differentiates between facilities designed to treat alcohol addiction, those which provide only for "sobering up," and those which limit their services to the alcoholic with psychoses or other complications.

-- Martha H.

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