From the January 1946 magazine.

The Clip Sheet

Comments from the Public Press

Ann Arbor, Mich., Tribune: "Women alcoholics, increasing so rapidly in the last few years, have become such a serious medical and social problem that many leading physicians and psychiatrists have joined together in a survey and study of the situation. Twenty-five years ago there was only one woman alcoholic to 25 men alcoholics. Today the ratio is one woman to six men, taking a cross country figure. A reliable check-up, made by a director of the Psychiatric Institute of the Municipal Court in Chicago, shows that in about 12 years women and men drunkards appearing before the court increased in ratio from one to five to an alarming comparison of one to two.

"Psychiatrists are of the opinion that women's nerves and brains degenerate more rapidly with constant drinking because of a more sensitive nervous system. The woman alcoholic might feel helpless and hopeless. But if she wants to follow a program that will insure sobriety she should contact Alcoholics Anonymous. . . ."

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