From the April 1946 magazine.

The Clip Sheet

29,000 Alkies in Jersey

New York Herald Tribune: New Jersey should establish state-operated centers to aid its estimated 29,000 chronic alcoholics, two Rutgers University sociologists said recently. . . . On the basis of interviews with 456 physicians in 42 communities, Dr. John W. Riley Jr. and Dr. Charles F. Marden reported that referral centers for victims would be the first step in a more ambitious program to deal with alcoholics. Their report was prepared for the New Jersey Commission for the Rehabilitation of Alcoholics and Promotion of Temperance, headed by Alfred E. Driscoll, state Alcoholic Beverage Control Commissioner.

The centers, operated as a state public health service, would provide guidance and information for alcoholics and their families. In addition, the report said, the program could direct needed public education on alcoholism, and could help in coordinating the work of private agencies dealing with the problem.

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