From the July 1956 magazine.

Helping Hands

Interest in our "1955 News Roundup" (February issue) of activities and developments outside AA in the field of alcoholism is the reason for this feature. . . suggestions and possible contributions--information, clippings, marked publications, etc.-- are i

NEW ILLINOIS PROGRAM: A new "Commission on the Care of Alcoholics" was recently approved by the Illinois General and Governor William G. Stratton. The commission will investigate the facilities available in the state to care for the increasing number of alcoholics. Approximately 25 percent of all admissions to Illinois mental hospitals are alcoholics, and half of these are repeaters. Five state senators, five members of the House of Representatives, and five persons appointed by the governor are serving on the commission.

AA IN PRISONS: Reed Cozart, director of the Louisiana prison system, was quoted in the Saturday Evening Post recently on how to help prisoners return to normal living more successfully. He says that a sound prison program, should include bringing in speakers from outside, potential sponsors and employers, as well as relatives of the inmates. He firmly endorses AA in the article.

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