From the August 1957 magazine.

Helping Hands

Outside AA - Activities and developments outside AA in the field of alcoholism...suggestions and possible contributions--information, clippings, marked publications, etc.--are invited. Please mark them "Helping Hands.

APPROXIMATELY 250 NURSES AND DOCTORS visited the AA display for professional groups during the recent four-day meeting of the Industrial Health Conference in St. Louis. GSH has received many requests for more information about AA as a result of the interest stimulated by the exhibit.

THE AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION'S Dr. Gunnar Gunderson, Chairman of the AMA Board of Trustees, told the National Council on Alcoholism's recent annual meeting in Chicago that "Medicine is on the firing line against alcoholism and is hauling up more and more ammunition." The approach of organized medicine, said Dr. Gunderson, is the recognition of alcoholism as a chronic illness affecting the lives of five million Americans directly and disrupting another fifteen million who have an alcoholic in the family. He outlined an eighteen-point program for a "total assault" developed by the AMA's Committee on Alcoholism, and stated that the AMA is seeking ways whereby insurance companies in each of the forty-eight states can include alcoholism within their coverage, according to a report in "Medical News."

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