From the November 1957 magazine.

Helping Hands

OUTSIDE AA - Activities and developments outside AA in the field of alcoholism. . .a news report.

"MILTOWN? NO MARTINIS!" "Happy Pills Plus Joy Juice; Pack Faster, Bigger Wallop"--These headlines, one from Time magazine one from the New York World Telegram, marked the report by the California Alcoholic Rehabilitation Commission on research carried out at the Langley Porter Neuropsychiatric Clinic of the University of California in Francisco about the effects of combining tranquilizers and alcohol. The interim report revealed that in combination, the effects on both chronic hard drinkers and less veteran imbibers alike, were "bizarre." By blood tests the researchers found that the action of the drugs not only accentuated the effects of alcohol but actually contributed toward boosting the amount of alcohol circulating In the blood and had altered, the chemical processes by which the body breaks down alcohol. The three physicians reporting concluded. "This finding makes it imperative for the millions of persons taking tranquilizing drugs. . .to be careful of their drinking when they are driving or around potentially dangerous machinery."

SENATOR WAYNE MORSE, United States Senator from. Oregon, writes on "Treatment Via Education" in the publication "On Center" issued by the AA group at Oregon State Hospital: "Use of liquor," he writes, "and more particularly, education in its use, have become matters of serious social consequence because of the great increase in alcoholism. Alcoholism is now one of the greatest medical problems in America. That makes it a social and economic problem as well, and one that demands our attention. . . . The nation's boys and girls should be educated to understand what is involved in their choice to drink or to refrain from drinking. It is a task that the home, school, church, and civic groups share. As important as medical treatment of alcoholism is for its victims, education of young people in its possible effects is vital to its prevention. . . ."

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