From the January 1963 magazine.

Alcoholism in the U.S. Today

A special report to the Grapevine from The National Council on Alcoholism

VAST changes, reflected in attitudes and action, are to be noted in the world around the alcoholic. Doctors, ministers, social caseworkers, nurses and employers are all beginning to be aware that new facts about alcoholism, which has been called "Public Killer No. 3" (following heart disease and cancer) can be helpful in arresting new cases.

The evidence of hundreds of thousands of AA recoveries, combined with the steady and continuing educational efforts of such groups as the National Council on Alcoholism, the American Medical Association and the various state health departments, are beginning to smash the stereotype of the alcoholic as a "Skid Row character" and break down the professional counselor's former reluctance to work with alcoholics. As a result, people who are in a position to serve as "case finders" of the person who has alcoholism are now utilizing their key positions to give sound information and encouragement and to motivate him to seek long-term help.

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