From the August 1967 magazine.

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AMA Will Probe Attitudes Toward Treating Alcoholics

The alcoholic is often smuggled into the hospital under the diagnostic euphemism of gastritis, gastroenteritis, or cirrhosis of the liver. If hospitals with psychiatric are omitted from a recent survey conducted by the American Hospital Association the National Institutes of Health, only 11% of the remaining respondents admit acute alcoholics. An even smaller number, 6%, take in chronic alcoholics.

Citing these findings, the AMA's House of Delegates, meeting in Las Vegas, has formally resolved to probe the reluctance of hospitals to accept alcoholism as a treatable disease. The AMA resolution declares in urgent terms that the nation's hospitals have a "mandate" to promote the admission of alcoholics to hospital care, even where such a step would require revision of the hospital's charter and bylaws.

-- Medical World

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