From the April 1968 magazine.

A conditioned response.

First Moves to Meet a National Health Emergency

On October 11, 1967, the Oxford University Press published Alcohol Problems, a Report to the Nation, by Thomas A. Plaut, MD, who is now Assistant Chief of the National Center for the Control and Prevention of Alcoholism, National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH). Dr. Plaut's book, the result of a six-year study, reports the work and findings of the Cooperative Commission on the Study of Alcoholism, established in 1961 by a grant from NIMH.

The twenty-one-member commission selected R. Nevitt Sanford, MD, to head up its studies, and chose Stanford University in California as its center of activities. Dr. Plaut's book is only the first in a related series of reports to stem from the commission's work on the alcoholism problem; expected soon are Alcohol Problems and Public Policy and several monographs.

-- F. B.

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