From the May 1968 magazine.

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Homemade Suds

The Wall Street Journal reports a new U.S. fad: making beer at home. There are half a million beer do-it-yourselfers, according to the Journal's staff reporter Stanford N. Sesser, who gets his figures from an Oregonian, Sidney B. Taylor, who is editor of Purple Thumb, a magazine devoted to the needs of little of home wine- and beer-makers. There's a law against making the bathtub beer, but it has never been invoked, according to Thomas F. Case of the Internal Revenue Service.

The formula is simple--involves just malt extract, sugar, brewers' yeast, water, pails, and bottles. Inexperienced makers frequently have to deal with exploded bottles, but evidently consider the rewards worth the risk. The stuff comes in at about ten cents a quart--and there's your motive.

-- T. O.

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