From the May 1969 magazine.

About Alcoholism - Alcoholism Information, Research and Treatment

No Useful Purpose

To tell the truth, sufficient clinical observation and research results are available to show that alcoholism Is no more a disease entity than chronic headache or chronic backache. Enough data exists to show that the patients in these centers (alcoholism facilities) are in fact being treated for personality difficulties: recurring attacks of depression, marital discontent, and the like. And, of course, for those who need it, treatment is provided for cirrhosis of the liver, peripheral neuritis, gastritis, subdural hematoma, or other sequelae of chronic intoxication.

I could accept an argument for an occasional regional research center for those who still seek a chemical reason why some can drink "normally" and others become drunkards. No doubt there ought to be similar centers to determine why some get by with five cigarettes a day and others need to smoke two packs; why some take an occasional aspirin and others take ten or more a day; why hot and cold drinks containing caffeine are so popular; why gum-chewing is a national characteristic; why people eat fifteen hundred calories a day more than they require, and so on.

-- John Cowen M.B., Ch.B.

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