From the June 1969 magazine.

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Is There an 'Alcoholic Personality'?

In The Personality of the Alcoholic: Guises of Dependency (Harper & Row), Howard T. Blane, Ph.D., Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychology at Harvard Medical School, has succinctly laid to rest what might be called the "specificity theory" of alcoholism. He says that no personality characteristic is unique to the alcoholic. He examines the many personality characteristics found among them (traits also present in us all).

Dr. Blane finds dependency prominent in alcoholics; however, he says that it is "not in itself a central factor in alcoholism." A crucial factor is "the way the alcoholic solves his problem over dependency." He describes three types--the overtly dependent, the counterdependent, and those that oscillate between the two.

-- Physician's Alcohol Newsletter

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