From the June 1969 magazine.

About Alcoholism - Alcoholism Information, Research and Treatment

The Problem of Alcoholism: Past, Present and Future

To cover the subject of alcoholism, about which millions of words have been written through the centuries, took courage, and Maurice Bear Gordon, MD, of Ventnor, N.J., has done a remarkably good job. Given before the Rome, N.Y., Academy of Medicine on May 7, 1968, his lecture was published in condensed form in Medical Times, December 1968; and that material is now reprinted as a pamphlet.

The definition in the first paragraph is exceptionally comprehensive: "Chronic alcoholism is a pathologic condition affecting chiefly the nervous and gastroenteric systems, caused by the habitual use of alcoholic beverages in poisonous amount. It involves a chronic behavioral disturbance characterized by an unnatural preoccupation for the imbibing of alcohol, to the injury of mental and physical health. It is attended by a loss of ail self-control once drinking has begun, to the serious detriment of the patient, his family, and associates."

-- M. E. S.

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