From the July 1969 magazine.

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Addiction--Including the Oldest Drug

Dr. Erik Jacobsen, of Copenhagen, suggests that there are five properties of drugs that induce people to use them: (1) They may combat fatigue--stimulants such as caffeine, cocaine, and amphetamine; (2) they may raise a person's mood--alcohol, barbiturates, morphine, amphetamine, meprobamate; (3) they may banish worries--alcohol, tobacco, morphine, meprobamate, barbiturates; (4) they may induce sleep--barbiturates, chloral hydrate, alcohol; (5) they may bring dreams--morphine, cocaine, marijuana, mescaline, lysergic acid (LSD).

In the general run of cases there is little danger of becoming a drug addict if taking the drug is properly supervised by a competent physician. It is improper use of drugs that raises problems, proceeding from habituation to dependency and addiction.

-- Royal Bank of Canada

Montreal, Quebec

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