From the October 1969 magazine.

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Sequel to the Story of Clinics and AA

"The article on training groups as it appeared in the March issue has evoked a great deal of interest throughout the U.S. and Canada," writes Leona M. Kent, author of the article, excerpts from which appeared in this department of the Grapevine. "Correspondence is still being received, and, as a result, I was prompted to write a follow-up paper which contains the format for use in the groups." Miss Kent, who works at the Sacramento Alcoholism Center (2270 Stockton Blvd., Sacramento, Calif. 95817), for the California Department of Rehabilitation, encloses a copy of her second paper, "A Model for Alcoholics Anonymous Training Groups in a Clinic Setting." It is a 14-page pamphlet, explaining clearly how the Twelve Steps and the AA approach in general may be modified for use in clinics, many of whose patients have already tried AA on the "outside," without success.

Miss Kent suggests in the pamphlet that its material should be used in conjunction with her first article, "The Utilization of Alcoholics Anonymous Training Groups in a Clinic Setting," basis of the March GV adaptation. "Once again," she concludes in her letter to the editors, "I want to thank you for accepting the paper for publication. Through this medium, the idea of AA training groups is spreading, and I am being afforded the opportunity to present the paper in the clinical symposium at the meeting in Vancouver of the North American Association of Alcoholism Programs."

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