From the November 1969 magazine.

Co-founder of AA testifies

One Giant Leap"--Senate Concern with Alcoholism

The public hearings on alcoholism before the special Subcommittee On Alcoholism and Narcotics of the United States Senate held in Washington, D.C., July 23, 24, and 25, were hailed by Bill W., co-founder of AA, as, "the advent of a new era for alcoholism." The subcommittee is part of the Senate Labor and the Public Welfare Committee and is the first congressional committee exclusively devoted to the cause of helping individual citizens and society gain relief from alcoholism and drug abuse.

The committee is chaired by the Senator Harold E. Hughes (D., Iowa), who pointed out at the beginning of the hearing that the work of the committee would be definitely divided between the two subjects--alcohol and drugs--because he felt they represent two distinct problems. Senator Hughes said, "The main objectives of the subcommittee are threefold: one, to dramatize to the Congress and to the public the magnitude and urgency of these problems; two, to develop new approaches to helping people in our society affected by alcoholism and drugs; and, three, to develop legislation that is practical and on a realistic financial scale not previously dreamed of by this government." The chairman further said, "I have been deeply involved with the problems of alcoholism from both a personal and social standpoint for more than 25 years."

-- F. A. F.

Bethesda, Maryland

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