From the January 1970 magazine.

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Drinking and Smoking Linked

MELBOURNE (Ap)--Study by Melbourne University and Melbourne's St. Vincent's Hospital suggests a link between alcoholism, smoking, and lung disease. The report, published in the latest issue of the Medical journal of Australia, also found that alcoholics were twice as likely to be smokers as nonalcoholics.

"The results have shown that chronic obstructive lung disease is the characteristic pulmonary illness of the alcoholic." the Journal report said. "As with the nonalcoholic, it is related to smoking habits and social class. The higher frequency of chronic bronchitis in alcoholics than in nonalcoholics can be explained by alcoholics being twice as likely to be smokers as the nonalcoholics. Unfortunately, despite their high risk of chronic bronchitis, alcoholics appear less able than nonalcoholics to stop smoking."

-- Long Island (New York) Press

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