From the March 1970 magazine.

About Alcoholism - Alcoholism Information, Research and Treatment

Alcoholics and General Hospitals

Present hospital facilities can be adapted to function efficiently in the care of the alcoholic patient, if administrators and physicians will change their attitudes. Dr. Alexander Ruggie says the hospital emergency room, with a change in social attitudes and training, could be an excellent resource for care of alcoholic patients. Dr. Ruggie is medical director at the Lutheran General Hospital, Park Ridge, Ill., which is affiliated with an alcoholic-treatment unit.

He notes that social attitudes have significantly limited the service given to alcoholics and that many hospitals still deny them admission. This situation is gradually changing, says Dr. Ruggie, because of the official acceptance of alcoholism as an illness and a major health problem by health organizations. Special training is needed to equip, not only physicians, but nurses and social workers for alcoholic care, he stresses.

-- Science News

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