From the July 1970 magazine.

About Alcoholism - Alcoholism Information, Research and Treatment

Book Review - 'Company Controls for Drinking Problems'

This 130-page report was prepared by the National Industrial Conference Board, "an independent, nonprofit business organization. . .serving more than 4,000 organizations throughout the world." For anyone dealing with the alcoholic employee, it is a thoroughly practical handbook. Facts about the illness are followed by an exploration of its effect on industry, with such striking statements as "Those who have looked into the matter report that the incidence of alcoholism is greater among executives than among rank-and-file workers, and that the difficulties of identification and control increase at the higher echelons." There is a general discussion of company alcoholism programs, including a lineup of common excuses for not starting such programs--and the appropriate comebacks. For instance: "'We don't have the alcohol problem in our company.'. . . But students of the subject report they have yet to find a company that does not have an alcohol problem. They say, 'If you employ people, you have the alcohol problem."'

The large-size paperback volume is also strong on specifics. Nine company programs already in action are examined in detail, with sample case histories of alcoholics who have been salvaged. The union viewpoint is given, as well as that of management. In the section headed "Resources for Helping the Problem Drinker," the coverage is remarkably comprehensive, ranging from descriptions of useful films to a list of local information centers affiliated with the National Council on Alcoholism and a list of the state and provincial agencies that make up the North American Association of Alcoholism Programs.

-- J. G.

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