From the August 1970 magazine.

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Book Review - 'One Day at a Time in Al-Anon'

Though alcoholism has often been described as "the family disease," it is only recently that some facilities for treatment have begun to include the alcoholic's immediate relatives in therapy programs. But Al-Anon Family Groups was far ahead of the trend in recognizing that those living with alcoholics are themselves in need of special help. The fellowship, which developed parallel with--but separate from--AA, is likewise upon the sharing of personal experience.

This book, pocket-sized but hard-cover, is intended for the daily use of the Al-Anon member, and yet it also makes an excellent introduction to the program for anyone interested in aiding families recover from the impact of alcoholism. Each page bears a date, January 1 through December 31. Most are divided into three parts, usually taking this form: a general statement about some aspect of Al-Anon principles or about a common problem; "Today's Reminder," suggesting a specific course of action or change in attitude useful in confronting the problem; a quotation indicating the advantages of prayer in such a situation. Occasionally, however, the pace is varied with a full page devoted to an individual story illustrating a basic point in the Al-Anon outlook.

-- J. G.

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