From the November 1970 magazine.

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Four-Footed 'Revenooers'

WARSAW, Poland--Polish police called in specially trained dogs to spearhead a new drive against moonshine-making. The "booze hounds" have been given intensive training courses at a police school in Sulkowice, not far from Warsaw, and they can now sniff out moonshine anywhere, according to the Polish news agency PAP.

More and more Poles have turned to making their own hard liquor in illegal stills since the government hiked the price of state-produced vodka by 15% in a move to combat alcoholism. Police discovered 316 illegal distilleries in the Warsaw, Lodz, and Bialystok areas last year, and they found 156 new moonshine stills in the first three months of 1970, PAP said.

-- UPI

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