From the January 1971 magazine.

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Malnutrition or Alcohol?

GAINESVILLE, FLA.--Dr. Gernard Freund, a medical researcher, found that white mice that had been fed alcohol for months experienced a general deterioration of the brain function. The studies cast doubt on the common notion that the malnutrition often seen in skid-row alcoholics is the cause of the damage to brain functions. Even well-fed mice indicated loss of memory after consuming alcohol over a period of time.

"I believe the damage was due to alcohol itself and not malnutrition, as has been said for many years," Dr. Freund said. Many, "executive drinkers," he said, consume up to 40% of their calories in the form of alcohol. That was the same percentage given to test mice that later showed a permanent impairment in learning.

-- UPI

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