From the January 1971 magazine.

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Fly Now--Pay and Pay Later

BALTIMORE, Md.--A man who in 1969 hijacked a jetliner armed only with a penknife was sentenced today to 15 years in Federal prison. Judge Alexander Harvey II called the trial of the hijacker, Raymond Anthony, "the tragic case of an alcoholic whose life is a failure at the age of 56," but said he felt compelled to hand down a harsh sentence "so that other potential hijackers will know that the court will deal severely with hijackers."

Anthony's lawyer said the defendant was destitute when he received an unsolicited credit card in the mail, got drunk, hopped a Miami-bound Eastern Airlines plane and hijacked it to Cuba. Judge Harvey said that he could not understand why the plane's crew had obeyed "the drunken orders of a little man holding a penknife."

-- AP

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