From the January 1972 magazine.

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Different Patterns

Although, male and female alcoholics experience similar symptomatology, an awareness of their different behavioral patterns may be helpful to the physician in making a diagnosis. That there are significant differences in these patterns is the conclusion drawn from a comparative study on interviews with 365 females and 1,657 male patients admitted for the time to the Fort Logan Mental Health Center in Denver, Colo.

Behavioral hallmarks of the female alcoholic highlighted by John L. Horn, Ph.D., professor of psychology at the University of Denver, were: the solitary-drinker syndrome; the use of prescription drugs, such as sedatives and tranquilizers, in addition to alcohol; candid expression by the patient of the need to "escape"; less of a tendency to kid herself that she can stop drinking whenever she wants; self-referral for treatment at an earlier stage of the alcoholism.

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