From the September 1972 magazine.

About Alcoholism - Alcoholism Information, Research and Treatment

Fruitful Sessions

An eight-part series of programs on alcoholism held in Lewiston, N.Y., was noted in the May issue under the heading "Changing the Public Image." In the Niagara Falls Gazette, the ample coverage of the series included many statements deserving further attention. A selection follows.

Charles Gronachan, a supervisor in the Niagara County Social Services Department, reported that welfare payments to families with alcohol-related problems cost local taxpayers at least $800,000 a year. He emphasized the importance of reaching the alcoholic before the family disintegrates. According to two teachers who spoke at this session, children from such homes are likely to have difficulty with their school work; but overcrowded classes and the indifference of some teachers too often delay the discovery of "alcohol-related learning blocks."

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