From the September 1972 magazine.

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'Special Conditions' Paroles

Nicholas D. Heil, appointed chairman of the New Jersey Parole Board, cited the need to impose "special conditions" on some paroles to make for a favorable environment in which the parolee can be rehabilitated or maintained, so he can function in society as an asset to himself and his community.

"I think we need to set up a liaison with the social-service people to insure that if a parolee needs psychiatric help or Alcoholics Anonymous or a narcotics rehabilitation center to help him stay out of trouble, he will have the service," Heil said. "If a man has, say, a drinking problem, we should seek to make it possible for him to have the alternative of going to AA or keeping in touch with clergymen to clear the way for parole and possible rehabilitation."

-- J. W. McCormick III

Woodbury, New Jersey

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