From the May 2017 magazine.

Just listening

Though nervous to sit down with a woman she did not know, she had time, experience and with God’s help, an open ear

I rolled out of bed onto my knees this morning. I asked the God of my understanding for his will for me. I thought about the day ahead. Tonight I would be doing something I had never done before. I would be listening to another woman’s Fifth Step. This woman was someone I had never met. She was currently in an alcoholic treatment center.

I prayed for her. I asked God to fill me with his love and let me be a channel to send his love to her. I asked for her to have the courage to say what she needed to say. I prayed about the Fifth Step throughout the day. I want to be able to convey God’s love. Because of what I’ve seen and felt, I have no doubts about his love. Even when I think I don’t feel it at all, I still I know it’s there.

-- Kathryn W.

Chancellor, Alabama, USA

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