From the May 2017 magazine.

New dimensions

After many years in AA, she discovered the Third Legacy and her sobriety blasted off

I remember when I picked up my desire chip feeling very frightened, different and alone. But the people in that AA group said, “Keep coming back!” They put a cup of coffee in my one hand and a piece of birthday cake in the other. Then they put several phone numbers in my pockets! I left as quickly as I could. I was so uncomfortable in my own skin, but the love and acceptance of those people who helped me through my first year of sobriety kept me coming back.

I was glad that AA didn’t give me money, or a job or a place to live. They taught me how to live, how to earn respect and trust that enabled me to get a job and become self-supporting. I learned how to be successful on a spiritual level, rather than on a material level. That gave me everything I needed to make progress in all the other areas of my life.

-- Norma A.

Austin, Texas, USA

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